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Winter Concert - Haydn - Lord Nelson Mass and Mass in Time of War

Sunday, January 22,2023


Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, 137 West Upper Ferry Rd, Ewing, NJ

As CJCS Artistic Director Christopher Loeffler shared: “Every generation confronts its own challenges. When Haydn was composing his Mass in Time of War and Mass in Troubled Times (also called the Lord Nelson Mass) his home, Austria, was at war with Napoleon Bonaparte… and it wasn’t going well. Both pieces occasionally feel martial and aggressive to express a Vienna that was pulsing with tension and war-induced anxiety. The Mass in Time of War is also called the Timpani Mass because of Haydn’s heavy use of the dramatic kettle drums, which helps build this tension. However, both works heroically evoke a spirit of hope through hardship. I believe these masses successfully lift the listener from the overwhelming cares of reality to a transcendent plane of noble perseverance in the face of adversity. Please join us in our exploration of these masterworks of Joseph Haydn and give him the opportunity to lift your spirits.”

Tickets are $25 at the door.  Credit cards will be accepted at the door, along with cash or check.

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